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Alt Login

What does the Alt Login do?

Previous versions of SharePoint provided an item on the site settings menu which enabled users to login with a different account but this is now missing in the 2013 release of the product.  Alt Login provides the simplest of Features which restores this capability
There are 4 version of Alt Login for you to choose from and they are all totally free.  The only difference between them is their scope, namely Farm, Web Application, Site Collection and Site Collection Sandbox.  Choosing the right version for your needs enables you to take complete control.  Of course Alt Login only works for SharePoint 2013 (any SKU) and unlike the initial release this latest version works with Google Chrome as well.

Why did we build it?

We fully appreciate that this capability has led to some problems, especially when opening MS Office documents but there are times when this feature is really useful.  We built Alt Login because it helps us greatly with in-house testing of our products.  Being able to quick switch identities to test how our products perform with users who have different permission levels is frankly indespensible.

How does it work?

There are some clever solutions to this problem out here and there but they are either unsupported or they require some client side hoops and hurdles.  Alt Login works in a different way.  It basically provides the simplest of UI extensions in a single Elements XML file and packages it as a standard SharePoint farm or sandboxed solution.  Because Alt Login follows a standard solution pattern it is fully supported.

Download, Install, Use

Download Alt Login from our SharePoint 2013 Download Central site.  Alt Login is delivered as standard .wsp solution files but they are all packaged in a single zip file.  So download and uppack the zip and then just deploy the version that suits your needs.  Note, if you install more than one solution then you will cause no harm but you will end up with multiple menu items which is probably not what you are after.
You can install any of the farm solution versions of Alt Login using any standard method such as stsadm.exe, the SharePoint Command Shell or why not try our free Solution Manager.  To use the sandbox version just upload it to the site collection solution gallery and activate it - making sure the sandbox service is running of course.

When the Feature is activated just select the 'Sign in as a Different User' item from the personal actions menu to switch user identities.  That's it, told you it was simple!


   The Bottom Line

Alt Login is completely free!  There are no fees, no spamware, no advertising gimicks, no registration, no licensing required - none of that.  You really do have nothing to lose!
All we ask for is constuctive feedback should you wish to help us make our products better.  Please click on the Feeback and Support tab on the right or go directly to out Kaboodle Community site.