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 Synch Converter

What does the Synch Converter do?

Synch Converter is a free application which converts Word documents stored in SharePoint document libraries to PDF or XPS file formats in real time.  Simply, select the document and click an output format button.


The converted document is then returned directly back in the browser in a SharePoint dialog.


Right-click to access PDF and XPS viewer menus or press the F8 key to access the PDF toolbar when creating PDF renditions. 

Sychn Converter is a totally free SharePoint Server 2013 farm based solution which is delivered in a single standard SharePoint package (.wsp) file scoped at the site collection level.

Why did we build it?

Actually we built Synch Converter as a technical exercise in support of sessions that our CEO has been delivering at SharePoint Saturdays all over Australia.  We conducted no market research to see if this was a viable commercial product although we certainly think it can be useful in certain scenarios.  We basically wanted to see if it could be done and hence our rationale for giving it away for free.

If you want to follow the complete story then please start with this acticle "Synchronous file conversions" in Colin's blog.

How does it work?

Synch Converter makes the conversion of Word documents to PDF or XPS a single click process.  It leverages SharePoint Word Services and so Word Automation Services (WAS) must be enabled or your server.  As WAS is unavailable in SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Online/O365 then sadly Synch Converter cannot be used in those environments.

A Synch Converter uses the new synchronous conversion capabilities of WAS which are only available in SharePoint 2013, it is not available in SharePoint 2010.

Download, Install, Use

You can download both the Synch Converter solution and source code from our SharePoint 2013 Download Central site.  Synch Converter is delivered as standard .wsp solution. 
You can install the Synch Converter using any standard method such as stsadm.exe, the SharePoint Command Shell or why not try our free Solution Manager.

Activate the Feature with the title 'Kaboodle Word Converter' from the site sollection feature manager page.


This will then add the Convert menu button to the Copies Group of the Files Ribbon for SharePoint document libraries.  Note that the Convert menu item will only light-up when a single file has been selected.


Simply select the PDF or XPS buttons to start the conversion process.

   The Bottom Line

Synch Converter is completely free!  There are no fees, no spamware, no advertising gimicks, no registration, no licensing required - none of that.  We even give you the source code and a series of blog articles which explain how we built the solution.
All we ask for is constuctive feedback should you wish to help us make our products better.  Please click on the Feeback and Support tab on the right or go directly to out Kaboodle Community site.