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Renditions: Word to Wiki

What does Word to Wiki do?

The name says it all really and it's so simple to use.  Users select Word documents in SharePoint document libraries and click the Word to Wiki button.

From the publishing dialog they confirm the document selection and click the Publish button.
A few moments later articles are created in the target wiki page library.
And of course the target wiki libraries may be local to the source documents, in a remote farm or hosted in SharePoint Online (SPO).  Please play the video to see it in action.
As with other Rendition modules you can automatically synchronise changes between source documents and their wiki page renditions and you can map metadata as may be required.

Why did we build it?

We believe that most users would prefer to author content in Word and then publish it as a SharePoint wiki page, rather than struggle with an inferior and cumbersome web authoring tools.

There are no products that we know of that allows users to conveniently convert a Word to a SharePoint wiki page, despite word to wiki being such a commonly requested function from users.  So we decided to build an easy to use word to wiki converter for you.       

How does it work?

Target wiki page libraries need to be set up as locations which can then be associated with the SharePoint document libraries which host the source Word documents. 

Like the Blogger module, our Word to Wiki converter automatically strips out embedded images, uploads them to a SharePoint image library and replaces that content with links in the resulting wiki article.

To find out more about our Word to Wiki converter please refer to our our Renditions Reference Guide.

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