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The Solution Manager 

What does the Solution Manager do?

The Kaboodle Solution Manager is a free, simple to use, Windows Forms application which has been designed to simplify the deployment and management of SharePoint farm solutions.  Basically it provides a nice UI as an alternative to the cumbersome solution management operations of stsadm.exe and the SharePoint PowerShell commandlets.
Solution Manager supports viewing solution properties as well as solution add, upgrade, deploy, uninstall and remove actions and it works with all farm .wsp solution files not just the ones we provide.

Why did we build it?

To give something to the SharePoint community and just to make life that little but easier and, if we are honest, as way of encouraging people to try out our products as it makes solution deployment for testing and evaluation purposes a breeze!

How does it work?

The Kaboodle Solution Manager uses the standard SharePoint object model to access the farm solution store.  It works with both SharePoint Foundation and Server but because it requires the full object model it must be run on a SharePoint server.
As the Solution Manager is a single, stand alone executable it requires no installer package.  You simply download and unzip the executable, copy it somewhere convenient on the server and run the application.

Downloads and Documentation

There are two versions of the Kaboodle Solution Manager for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 so be sure to download the correct version for your needs. You can download the Solution Manager from our Download Central page or directly download the zip files from this links Solution Manager for SharePoint 2010 and Solution Manager for SharePoint 2013.
We think that the Kaboodle Solution Manager is fairly simple and intuitive to use but even so we provide some basic documentationt to get you started.

   The Bottom Line

The Solution Manager is completely free!  There are no fees, no spamware, no advertising gimicks, no registration, no licensing required - none of that.  You really do have nothing to lose!
All we ask for is constuctive feedback should you wish to help us make our products better.  Please click on the Feeback and Support tab on the right or go directly to out Kaboodle Community site.