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About Kaboodle
Kaboodle Software is owned and run by people who are passionate about the technology and we hope that this is reflected in our products and web site.  We are not a bunch of sales people or marketeers and so you won't find any photos of impossibly good looking people in fake business meetings, rock climbing, skiing or chilling with nature.  That's not what we are about and as such the aim is to keep this site and our business model clear, simple and intuitive.
When it comes to being a business entity we are proud to be the new kids on the block and supported by the Microsoft BizSpark program.  Although we are a newly formed company that does not mean we are lacking in experience, far from it.  We have been working with SharePoint for many years and in several different roles including project management, solution architecture and development, business analysis and let's not forget as end users.
We are based in Adelaide, South Australia but have experience from around the globe including the US, Europe, Australia (of course) as well as some more exotic places such as Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan and across many different business sectors including Government, Not-For-Profit Organizations, Military and Defense, Mining, Medical and Transport to name just some.
This unique real-world experience has helped us to understand where SharePoint works well and where there is room for improvement.  Filling these 'capability gaps' is what Kaboodle Software is all about.  We are 100% SharePoint and are not distracted by other platforms or technologies (unless they underpin or support SharePoint in some way) and believe that excellence comes from specialization.  If you specialize, you get very good at what you do.


Constructive feedback on how we could improve things is always most welcome, just drop an email to feedback@kaboodle-software.com or post something on our Kaboodle Community site.


Colin Gardner
CEO Kaboodle Software