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Kaboodle Renditions is a family of 5 related products that provide a very simple UI for the management, conversion and transformation of documents stored in SharePoint libraries.
ArchivistThe Renditions Archivists Module
Archive documents safely and simply
The Renditions Archivists ModuleIn page navigation
BloggerRenditions Blogger Module
Effortlessly publish Word documents as SharePoint blog articles
Renditions Blogger ModuleIn page navigation
ConverterRenditions Converter Module
Convert documents to several output formats including PDF, XPS and ePub
Renditions Converter ModuleIn page navigation
ReplicatorRenditions Replicator Module
Replicate documents of any kind including metadata and version history if required
Renditions Replicator ModuleIn page navigation
Word to WikiRenditions Word to Wiki Module
Transform Word documents into Sharepoint wiki articles at the click of a button
Renditions Word to Wiki ModuleIn page navigation

Use the tile links to navigate to the product page to find out more on what each module does, why we built it and how it works.

Renditions in 3 minute clips

ConverterOverview of the Converter module
Overview video clip
Overview of the Converter moduleIn page navigation
Word to WikiOverview of the Word to Wiki Module
Overview video clip
Overview of the Word to Wiki ModuleIn page navigation
BloggerOverview of the Blogger module
Overview video clip
Overview of the Blogger moduleIn page navigation
ReplicatorOverview of the Replicator module
Overview video clip
Overview of the Replicator moduleIn page navigation
ArchivistOverview of the Archivist module
Overview video clip
Overview of the Archivist moduleIn page navigation
For more details please refer to the Renditions Wiki.
Core Concepts
Licensing and Costs
Identify locations... a special SharePoint list is used to specify publishing locations.  Creating a publishing location is as easy as creating a new list item.
Link libraries to locations... you then link document libraries to the locations you choose.
Publish... users simply select source documents and click a ribbon button to start the publishing process.
Read more... access the product wiki to find out more about Kaboodle Renditions.
While you wait or in the background...  processing can be done  while users wait or run in the background allowing them to get on.
Map metadata... all modules support metadata mapping which can match field pairs by id, field name and type.
Retain version history... the Archivist and Replicator modules support the preservation of version history.
Integrated language support... for Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Russian and Spanish.  If you need Renditions in another language then just let us know.
Automatic publishing... all modules, with the exception of the Archivist, support automated publishing and deletion.
Competitively priced...  purchased individually each module costs $1024 (USD) per Web Front End server. You can pay in USD, AUD, NZD, EUR or GBP.
Great value...  you can buy the whole Renditions Kaboodle for the great value price of $2048.  That's all 5 modules for the price of 2!
Support included... a 12 month support package, including product upgrades,  comes with with every license. 
Online activation... you will be sent a client ID number and a license key.  Just use the Kaboodle licensing module to activate your products.