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Renditions: Converter

What does Converter do?

Renditions Convertor enables end users to reliably and faithfully convert Word format documents into several other formats including PDF, TIFF, XPS, ePub, RTF and even plain text.
Converter can even be used as an ad hoc tool to migrate legacy Word format documents (.doc) files to the XML based formats.  Conversions can be for a single document or dozens of documents and folders at a time.
The process can be executed synchronously (please wait while I process your request) or asynchronously (send the documents to the Rendition Engine to be processed as a batch while you get on with something else).

Why did we build it?

Microsoft Word is a premier content authoring tool and the most prolific word processer in the world but the standard Word formats are not always the best when it comes to consuming information.
PDF and XPS are read-only formats which faithfully render source documents in the format and style intended by the author.  ePub is now a popular format allowing information to be readily consumed by e-readers and mobile devices.
The point is that a considerable proportion of an organisation's information may start out as a Word document but at some point will need to be converted to other formats.  We built Convertor to simply that process hugely.

How does it work?

Users simply:

  • (1) Select the desired documents or folders.
  • (2) Click the ribbon button or use the document drop down menu to open the Convert Documents dialog.
  • (3) Select the target location - where the converted documents will be saved.
  • (4) Select the desired output format - .pdf, .xps, .tiff, .epub, .docx etc.
  • (5) Click the Convert button to submit the request to the Rendition Engine.


At the heart of the Rendition Engine is a 3rd party software module from Aspose.  Aspose have been developing server based document conversion components and libraries for years and are, in our opinion, the best of breed.  By using the Aspose libraries we can be certain that the conversion process is based on proven and robust technology.

Unlike with some vendor's solutions there is no need to install client applications on the server or set up additional servers to handle the conversion process.

To find out more please refer to the detailed User and Administrator documentation reference guide.