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Renditions: Word to Wiki Online 

What is Word to Wiki Online?

Word to Wiki Online is the cloud based version of our flagship product Word to Wiki which up until now was only available as a full trust farm solution.  Now the same great capability is now available as a SharePoint Add-in which can simply be downloaded and installed from the App Store.  It works with both Office 365 and on premise deployments of SharePoint 2013 (if configured to support the SharePoint App Store). 

There are 2 versions of Word to Wiki Online:

  • Word to Wiki Online (Lite):  This free version is fully functional and can simply be used by all users with no restrictions.
  • Word to Wiki Online (Pro):  This is the licensed paid version of the product which can either be purchased on a subscription basis from the App Store (at a cost of $19.99 per month for each publisher, there are no licenses required for users who simply consume the content) or as a one-time purchase (contact us for a quote - prices comparable to the standard farm solution).

What does Word to Wiki Online do?

The name says it all really and it's so simple to use.  From the Files ribbon on any standard document library on which the Add-in is installed users select the Publish to Wiki button.

From the publishing dialog users select documents for publishing and specifiy the target wiki library and image library (where any embedded graphics will be saved) and click the Publish button.
A few moments later articles are created in the target wiki page library.
Please play the following short video to see it in action.

Why did we build it?

We believe that most users would prefer to author content in Word and then publish it as a SharePoint wiki page, rather than struggle with an inferior and cumbersome web authoring tools.

There are no products that we know of that allows users to conveniently convert a Word to a SharePoint wiki page, despite word to wiki being such a commonly requested function from users.  So we decided to build an easy to use word to wiki converter for you.

In response to customer feedback we have now created Word to Wiki Online so that documents on O365 as well as those hosted on on-premise deployments of Sharepoint 2013 can be processed.

Word to Wiki Online Versions

Word to Wiki Online (Lite) is available from the App Store now and provides the basic publishing capabilities.  Word to Wiki Online (Pro) is coming in January 2016.  As you would expect the Pro version has extended capabilities including:

  • The ability to process several documents at a time
  • The ability to process documents asynchronously
  • The ability to map metadata 
  • The ability to split source documents into several wiki articles based on document headings, sections or bookmarks (Chunk Publishing)
  • Support for SharePoint enterprise wikis and publishing page libraries
  • The ability to publish content to different web sites and site collections
  • Support for page layouts and text layouts
  • Automatic generation of a hyperlinked, in-article table of contents
  • Article paragraph renumbering or number removal
  • Select between publishing with SharePoint styles or by using the style of the source Word document
  • Save publishing settings to the cloud for easy reuse
  • Audit and event logging

To find out more about our Word to Wiki Online please refer to our our detailed on line documentation in One Note.